Shaoping Bai

Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University, Denmark

Dr. Shaoping Bai is an Associate Professor at the department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark. His research interests include assistive robots, parallel manipulators, walking robots, dynamics and design. He is one of the founders of Centre for Robotics Research (CRR), AAU. He was the coordinator of the CRR for the year 2010-2012. Dr. Bai leads several national and international research projects in exoskeletons, including EU AAL project AXO-SUIT and IFD Grand Solutions project EXO-AIDER, among others. Dr. Bai won best paper awards in IEEE CIS-RAM 2017, IFToMM MEDER 2018 and Grand Prize of Innovation Challenges, WearRAcon 2018. Dr. Bai is an Associate Editor of ASME J. of Mechanisms and Robotics and an Associate Editor of IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. He is a deputy chair of IFToMM Technical Committee of Robotics and Mechatronics.

Assistive exoskeletons for motion assistance: mechanism design, control and performance evaluations

As the global ageing predictions become reality, assistive exoskeletons are being increasingly considered as future aids to help elderly persons staying active in their daily living tasks and rehabilitation systems for effectively restoring patient’s motor functions. The exoskeletons are also considered as useful power assistance for labor workers in the manual work to reduce muscle fatigue and to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. This talk is focused on the development of exoskeletons for assistive applications. A brief overview of exoskeletons with their classification and applications will be presented. The design and development challenges will be discussed, including mechanism design, human-exoskeleton interaction modeling and control, and performance evaluation. In the talk, research projects on exoskeleton at Aalborg University will be presented, together with progresses and results newly obtained.