Conference Instructions for Oral Presentations


When you arrive on site please check the printed program to confirm the schedule of your presentation session. Refer to the author index to check your presentation(s). You can visit already the preliminary program on Program.
Try to be in your presentation room 10 minutes prior to the starting time. Presentations will be downloaded on computer before session starting. You are expected to be present for the entire session.

AV Equipment

Laptop and overhead projector are available in meeting room. You can also use your own laptop but you must insure a quick start in case of connection modification.

Presentation Length

Each session is about 120-150 minutes in length. Each presentation does not exceed 20min. Time should also be allotted for discussion. Typically the discussion time is about 5min.

Power Point Presentations

Clarity of slides (Power Point) is essential for a successful scientific presentation. Your file must be compatible with Powerpoint version 2011 or older.
Following is a quick summary of the guidelines to make your slide presentation effective, successful, and enjoyable:
  • Limit one idea per slide
  • Use phrases rather than complete sentences.
  • Use no more than 6 to 7 lines of printing per slide, with a blank line in between each, totally no more than 15 typewritten lines.
  • Use at least an 18-point font size.
  • Simplify graphics and do not over-reduce artwork.
  • Use easy-to-read colors.
  • Double check your message: It should be easily grasped in 30 to 40 seconds.

Conference Instructions for Poster Presentations


You will be assigned one poster board for each contribution that has been accepted in poster session. We will provide a printed "number" identifying each poster board. This number corresponds to the printed program abstract number. Refer to the author index in the printed program to check the corresponding program/poster number for your presentation(s). You can visit already the preliminary program on Program.
At least one author should be in attendance at each poster during the poster session. Please remove your materials from the poster board immediately after your session.

Poster size

The poster board is for A0 poster size (84.1x118.4cm, 33.11x46.61 inches). Please respect these dimensions even if smaller size is acceptable.
The overall form of your poster is free. Keep illustrated and written material simple. All illustrations should be made up beforehand. Remember that your illustrations must be read from several feet. Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in your paper, but more heavily drawn.
Fixing material will be provided.


We encourage authors to have materials available in the form of a handout, even if only a one-page abstract, along with contact information to help participants follow up on presentations at the meeting. Please make arrangements to make and bring any such handouts or be prepared to respond to email requests after the conference.